Madrid Games Week 2019


The project starts from the top: Madrid Games Week 2019, the biggest gaming on Spain!

Void Studios attended the event with Narratech to present a technical demo of 'Two Mars', an early concept of what an asymmetric VR game can look like. The three members of Vøid Studios at that time showed the demo for four days: from October third (press day) to October sixth.

Apart from several local news, specialized press interviewed the team or wrote a review on the project, such as Hobby Consolas or Pixel Umbra.

During the event, approximately 300 players of all ages tried the brief demo of Two Mars, with almost a hundred percent of positive feedback. Considering this was more of a concept than a playable demo, it surprised the team the enthusiasm that the attendees showed towards the project and gave plenty of comments that helped us creating a roadmap for the game.

Here's a recorded gameplay that shows the concept used for the event:

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